Marketing Strategy

Develop A Marketing Mindset.

Profitable Estimating

Estimate With Conviction.


Let Technology Work For You.


Success Starts With Mindset.

Financial Insights

Know Your Numbers.
They Know You.

Management Strategy

Work On Your Business,
Not In It.

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What Is Green Industry Innovators?

Green Industry Innovators was created to help Green Industry Service Professionals accomplish two things: Create a business/career that is prosperous and rewarding. Help improve your quality of life. After almost two decades in the Green Industry I realized that I have a lot to offer others, and that I can make a tangible impact by…
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Use A Survey To Transform Your Business

Early in my career I learned that I should always ask for feedback, referrals and testimonials at the end of every landscaping project and at least once a year from monthly clients. But to be honest I rarely ever took the time to make his happen and I am sure it has not only cost…
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Email Marketing For Your Landscaping Business

Okay before I get started on showing you a bullet proof way to use email marketing to both increase sales and build your brand for your landscape business I want to be perfectly clear about two things:   This is not a get rich quick system & it will not happen over night. You must…
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Targeted Direct Mail Campaign – A Step by Step Guide

In this article I am going to share with you a Step by Step guide to create a highly targeted direct mail campaign to an audience who is many times more likely to NEED your services, New Homeowners. Sales are in direct proportion to consumer demand, and over the years I have found that new…
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Welcome to the Green Industry Innovators. My name is Matt Hudson and I am the founder of this flourishing community of innovative Green Industry professionals. My Vision to create a platform that presents innovative strategies, technologies, and products to help Green Industry Professionals prosper. WHY? - To me this is the most fundamental question of our…
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